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Our first step is to understand your goals and objectives. Why? Because we do not judge success on how wealthy a person is. The person with the most money isn’t necessarily the happiest and therefore not the most successful. Money is important, the research shows us that: not having enough money is directly linked to personal issues and depression, having too much money is also linked to personal issues and depression. Just like Goldilocks, you have to find the right balance. The other areas in your life are also important and too many people give up the other areas in their lives, personal relationships, health etc, for the pursuit of money and only later in life do they realise they could have done it better.


So our next step is asking you some tough questions:


  • What is more important in your Life than money?

  • What activities are taking away time from you and your goals?

  • Are you the best person to be doing these activities?

  • Can these activities be delegated?

  • If you continue to do what you are doing now, will you achieve your goals?


And we ask other questions to ensure that everything you can be doing, you are doing?


  • What is the right structure for your business and investments?

  • How do you reduce your tax and other costs?

  • If something unexpected happens, do you have right structures in place to protect yourself?

Why use Argurion?

That is a great question. Here are some reasons why you may choose to use Argurion:

  • We are experts in what we do. Finance is our chosen profession, it's what we study, what we are passionate about. This means that we are likely to have some expertise that you may not have. 

  • We read the fine print, and where there is something important, we notify our clients. 

  • We understand the rules, so we know which ones must be followed and which ones can bend. This allows us to be creative with solutions, and these leads to great ideas that you may not have thought of on your own.

  • We spend the time educating our clients about financial matters. 

  • We provide great value for money. Costs are important, so we do our best to help you at the lowest cost we can.

  • Most importantly, we have your best interests are heart.


What are the benefits you will receive from getting Financial Advice?

  • Optimising your finances: Financial Advice could help you to make the most of your financial circumstances by improving your financial decision making and setting up the right behaviours (e.g. saving) for your future success.

  • Achieving specific goals: Financial Advice could help you achieve specific goals (e.g. by helping you to refine goals, establish specific time frames and keep them on track).

  • Establishing yourself financially: Financial Advice could help you create some certainty for the future (e.g. saving for retirement or creating a financial foundation for your children and grandchildren)

  • Facilitating the transition to a new life stage: Financial Advice could play an important role in readying you for change (e.g. starting a family or retiring) by helping you identify new needs and prepare for a new set of financial demands.

  • Providing a ‘reality check’: Financial Advice could help you manage anxiety by providing you with clarity and control over your financial choices and direction.

  • Feeling empowered and motivated: Experiencing actual progress towards your financial goals could provide a sense of achievement and motivate your to continue to engage with their finances.

  • Improving financial knowledge and skills: Improving your knowledge about, and skills in managing, your finances could be rewarding in itself.

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