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Estate Planning

Are you afraid of your assets being distributed to the wrong people?

Are you unsure in choosing the right person to receive your assets?

Do you want your assets to be protected and given to the right people at the right time?

Argurion can help.

Estate planning is the process of protecting your assets and ensuring that they are transferred to the right person at the right time. It is very important that all your generated wealth is not affected by irrelevant taxes and costs and that the person receiving the assets can benefit from it. Argurion will assist by looking in-depth the factors influencing your decision in choosing the right person to transfer your wealth to and making the most out of your assets.


A Will is a legal document that many people don’t see with great importance until they are retired or growing old. The majority don’t think or like the idea of death, but the Will is considered one of the most important documents you have to sign. Your wealth is valuable, and it should be transferred to benefit those who you care about. It is not recommended for you to prepare your own Will due to strict legal requirements. Our expertise and knowledge on estate planning will ensure that your possessions are allocated to the right people and that the benefits are maximised when the assets are transferred to the beneficiaries.

Testamentary Trusts

Created by your Will, this allows the person who signed the Will give the trustee permission regarding the distributions of his/her assets to the beneficiaries. You set the terms of the testamentary trusts; you can completely restrict their control over the trust or give them full control. Having this type of trust is highly beneficial for children and grandchildren as they are considered adults for tax purposes which results in more benefits from the tax-free threshold and income tax offsets.

If you need advice on information about the Will and need help deciding how to allocate your wealth, Argurion is happy to help.  

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