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Tax Planning

Will I get Independent Advice?

To call yourself an Independent Financial Planner you must meet a strict criteria set out by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Section 923a of the Corporations Act 2001. ASIC takes this seriously because an Independent Adviser should be free from bias, conflict and influence of all products.

This means:

  • A bank employed financial planner cannot be Independent. This is due to the bank owing products which an adviser can recommend.

  • Any financial planning firm who’s licence is owned by a bank or a product provider/ superannuation fund cannot be Independent.

  • Any financial planning firm that receives commissions cannot be Independent.


Argurion Finance Group Pty Ltd is a fee for service firm, however in some cases, the cost of completing the service (namely insurance advice) is higher than a client can manage, so the client chooses to pay this fee over a period of time via the payment of a commission. As such, Argurion can not claim to provide Independent Advice. When it comes to investing, we will not make a buy recommendation on any product that will not rebate 100% of the commissions directly to you.

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